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xxxx Harley Davidson Deuce. The bike has had many additions. Understand, that any modification such as custom paint was done on new purchased equipment and all original parts, tank, fenders, swing arms, rear wheel and tire, pegs, and etc. are included in the sale. In short everything is included so that the bike could be made totally stock again. All of the original parts are as new and have seen no more than a maximum of xxxx miles. There are no marks on this bike or the original parts which have been boxed and stored. All original parts are included in the sale should someone want to take this back to a stock xxxx Deuce. I changed the 160 rear to a 180 and replaced the painted swing arms with 180 chrome swing arms, chrome chain guards, etc. The original rear wheel was brushed and was replaced with a newer chrome wheel and tire. The original tire has approx. xxxx miles so the new chrome wheel and tire have about the same. The bike has the removable wind screen and custom leather saddle bags that are removable as well.